China invests in cannabis in the United States

China is making a subtle move on the US cannabis market and in particular CBD, the legal component of cannabis in China and the United States that is well known for its therapeutic use.

Paving the way for Chinese investors

chinese investors expanding massivelyOn December 5, 2016, the US stock exchange site entered into an investment plan with Shenzen Yuanrong PE Capital. On March 20, Chinese investors announced the launch of a pharmaceutical company in the Free Trade Zone of Shanghai for $ 1.4 million. Called XiBiDi (CBD in English), this laboratory should produce treatments and cosmetics based on CBD.

Chinese Investor explains on its website investing in research on Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy over a period of two to four years, all under the Innovative Drug Development launched by the Chinese government.

Company CEO Warren Wang claimed, “Ultimately, our company will acquire or merge with CBD research and development companies based in China.” He added in his press release “Moreover, being located in the free trade zone is a significant advantage for both import and export. The elaborate treatments and medicine will be distributed in China as well as in the United States”.

Green Rush in Colorado

Chinese investor is a stock market analysis site published in Chinese and English. Chinese investors follow US market news via this platform.

cannabis in china

According to Warren Wang, “Chinese investors want to participate in the international cannabis market, they lack information, we give them.” It gives them the opportunity to invest in a Chinese company of cannabis that is established in the USA.

A smart and massive investment that hides other smaller but equally intelligent business moves.

Chinesinvestor launches in January 2017. This site provides the delivery of products containing CBD in all countries where it is legal. Physically, investors should open specialty stores in US cities with an active Chinese community.

According to the PRNewswire site, chineseinvestor.Com would have already invested in the company Medicine Man in Colorado. This clinic is one of the largest in the state and distributes recreational and medical cannabis. A word that we prefer to avoid in Chinese investors releases. “Hemp Derivatives” seems to sound better for investors.

Vaporizers and smoking equipment

For several years Chinese manufacturers had understood that the market of medicinal plants vaporizing was exploding and that it was parallel to the medicalization-legalization of cannabis on the American continent.

the top vaporizers on the market

The top vaporizers on the market

On the other hand, they had until now an approach of simply cloning the best product sales on the market. So we quickly saw the blooming clones all more doubtful than the others of famous brands such as Volcano, PAX, VaporBlunt, Magic Flight, etc …

SMISS was the first to take the turn right, developing a particular range of “dry herb vaporizers” with a brand (FlowerMate) and modulations (autonomous shapes and ergonomics) around a ceramic convection technology mastered and quite reliable.

Thus the V5.0S is an excellent, first-rate vaporizer with a record autonomy and a conservation of the intense flavors. They have also developed a high-performance heating algorithm which guarantees us new products for the coming year! Visit this page acheter vaporisateur cannabis to find more on cannabis vape.

China relationship to Cannabis

According to travelers’ accounts, fewer and fewer cultivated plants have been found, and it has become harder to find cannabis since the government began to suppress it in the 1990s. However, cannabis is still cultivated and used traditionally In most of rural China. Its seeds are eaten grilled or raw, especially in Yunnan Province, which is traditionally a large center of agricultural activities.
Its fibers are always used in materials such as textiles, rope, and paper.

In China, cannabis is known as ma or da ma (“big hemp”), female, white flowers being referred to as-as ma fen (fragrant hemp branch) and seeds such as for as ma zi or Huo ma ren.

The medical use of cannabis is not established in conventional Chinese medicine, although various herbal preparations use cleaned seeds – especially as remedies for stomach aches and indigestion. Traditional medicine makes much greater use of cannabis and herbal remedies in general;

In fact, cannabis is considered one of the fifty original herbs of Chinese herbalism.