Latest China is a online news curator for anything related to China: economy, finance, politics, business, culture and more. This blog is part of project that aims to relay Chinese information websites and inform people about the latest news  from China. Because Western medias tend too often to depict the People’s Republic of China negatively, this blog offers another approach to look at it using unbiased information.

We want to bring a different perspective in the way information is treated regarding the Chinese economy and politics to add nuances and context, which general lack when European journalists talk about China. We also want to add criticism to information that are controlled and shaped by a government organ which is obviously partial. We look for the facts and search for the truth.


“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth.”



Latest China’s founder William Bell is a former financial analyst who worked in several Asian countries including China. He now spends his whole time managing this website and curating the latest facts and data coming from the world’s second economy. Besides curating news, William is developing a social network to facilitate interactions between Chinese observers and people interested in knowing more about this country.